Beautiful blue and yellow flower called Flor de Trapoeraba, Bahia, Brazil

"A man having the fortitude to withstand failures

is better prepared to own success"

(Lopez-Espina, 2011)

I became a professional artist immediately after receiving my fine arts degree. During that era, I had contemplated going for my masters and even a doctorate. However, I soon realized the significant demands of being an artist wouldn’t provide the extra time to further my education. Ironic in a way that at age twenty-four I was already judging national art competitions, and some participants were the same professors who would have guided my path.

The painting series below cover my first two painting styles, and the last two. Even though it was already mentioned in the ‘About’ page, it’s important to restate my hiatus from painting for virtually twenty-five years. I sacrificed an enormous and valuable chunk of time at the apex of my career.  There is now no advantage in entertaining regret, but there is plenty of comfort knowing I’m still alive to continue the journey.    


A hard-edge design in acrylics done by Gil Lopez-Espina


A photo-surrealistic painting of romance by Gil Lopez-Espina


Painiting of a Himba Woman by Gil Lopez-Espina


Sunrise at Kruger Nationaal Park, South Africa